Chris Robertson ( Black Stone Cherry ) - CRH-1B, CRH-1N

In an industry full of huge companies and overpriced product every now and then you find a gem yet to be discovered by everyone else. Thats what I found in Jon Baxter Pickups, a pickup that lets you play and compete with the best.

Adam Lucchesi (Memphis, TN)(On A Dead Machine) - Tele Vintage Plus, P90 '52 Goldtop, 9.5" Vintage Radius

"Jon, I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with these Tele Vintage Plus pickups! These were a HUGE upgrade from my Fender USA Standard pickups! You know how picky I am, and I just can't believe how great these things sound! Way more low end than I would have thought, and yet every note is totally clear. I can't wait to get my special order P-90 from you for my other Tele! Thanks so much, and keep it up!"

Done! Arguably, these are the best sounding Tele pickups I've ever owned. I'm still a huge fan of my Duncan Five-Two, but these MIGHT just be my #1 Tele flavor now! The 9.5" magnet radius is just ridiculously awesome. Every note is clean and clear, and chords are perfectly full with no bleed-over from the bass strings. Even the high E chimes evenly with his other 5 friends. Jon Baxter Pickups, you are a genius. THANK YOU.

Greg Martin (Kentucky HeadHunters) - True Vintage PAF

"For some of us, the search for tone is an ongoing process, one that can last a life time. It's true, the biggest part of our tone comes from our heart and hands, it's God given. Regardless, as we go grow older, the search continues. I own several vintage Gibson, Fender & Gretsch electric guitars, these are the primary tools of my trade. Jon Baxter has reinvented the wheel, but has went back and built an honest to goodness PAF style un-potted Humbucking pickup. The power, clarity and warmth are there, it's got the funky mojo. Right on Jon!"

Jonathan Montoya (Saliva) - Custom JM1-H

"Hot-rodded is not the word, if these pickups were engines they would be the ones that you put in funny cars!!!"

Eric Dubose (Birmingham, AL)(Ruben Studdard) - True Vintage Humbucker

"The pickups open up the guitar to a new array of sounds and tonal options..! It's like taking a blanket off a lamp! enlighting!"

Joe Makin (Birmingham, AL) - Hollowbody Special

"You did a really good job and I will be playing my Sheriton ll alot more now that it sounds so good."

Caleb Cook (Birmingham, AL) - True Vintage PAF

"Jon Baxter Pickups made a set of vintage spec pickups for me. They sound great! Vintage spec and vintage sound! The tone is phenomenal! Thay really brought out the sound in my Les Paul"

Brent Cantrell (Birmingham, AL) - P90 Iron Fist

"Between the agressive clarity and the rich harmonics these are some of the most well voiced pickups i've ever used."

Donnie Ervin (Midland, Tx) - Custom Tele Humbucker

" ... these are the pickups that should have been part of the Tele Thinline from the beginning. Smooth power that exhibits no errant harmonics. I was amazed when I plugged in after installing them and tried them out. Like having a new "custom" guitar without spending ten grand"

" ... these pickups also allow my Line 6 POD to be used to it's full potential. On some POD settings it sounds like I'm in a pro studio, thanks to the clarity of my new Jon Baxter Pickups. "

Matt Montgomery (Memphis, Tn) - Tele Memphis Heat, Krazytrain, '57 Strat Classic, Strat Power Stack, P90 '52 Goldtop

"I installed a set of pickups in my Sg that Jon had made and WOW what a difference!!! Ive got all kinds of guitars and pickups, but these have become my favorites!!! His Tele pickups are among the best on the market!! Great Job Jon!!!"

William Smith (Memphis, TN) - True Vintage Mini Humbucker, Tele Vintage Plus

I recently installed a Mini Humbucker and Tele Vintage Plus in my tele. Can't say enough about this combo. The Vintage Plus has just the right bite and cuts through the mix perfectly. The Mini Humbucker really warms the tele up and gives it a very unique tone. I was surprised to hear the clarity of the Mini. If anyone's looking to upgrade, then you definitely can't go wrong with Jon's pickups. Awesome service and you'll get what you're looking for every time!

Jesse Grace (Coral Springs, Florida) - Custom PAF

"I was in the market for a set of pickups for a strat that I was building and didn't really know where or what I was looking for. Jon worked with me from day one and built me two different sets of pickups until we got the sound I was looking for. I'm 100% satisfied with these pickups, they sound great and are exactly what I wanted. There's nothing like having a custom hand-wound set of pickups that are truly unique with the quality and care that goes into making each one, you really couldn't ask for more."

Corey Bost (Coral Springs, Florida) - Beale Street Hot Blues

I really love them! the sustain is amazing! its sounds so good! thank you so much man!

Hunter Wright (Memphis, TN) - Telebucker

The telebucker - All the twang, and punch of a tele, with the a full very balnced sound of a humbucker. Super quiet and super responsive.

David Lavoie (Concord, CA) - Fat Wound

The CLOSEST to the old Van Halen "Brown Sound " I've found !!! I AM SOOO STOKED !! I'VE BEEN PLAYING IT EXCLUSIVELY ALL WEEKEND !! I'm savin' up to buy some MORE !! Hat's off to ya Jon !! THANKS Dave

Jeremy Nicks (Canadian School of Lutherie) - CSL-1, CSL-2, CSL-PAF, 60's Jazz Bass

We've been sampling pickups from different companies for years trying to find the quality and flexibility we need for our high-end custom orders. thanks for ending our search, jon! all the pickups we've got so far sound better than anything out there, and your knowledge and flexibility make every deal a pleasure. we're proud to have your pickups as an integral part of our custom shop. I can't wait to install our next order from you and plug it in!

N.J. McDonnell (Vancouver, BC) - CSL-PAF

"I just received my "Jimmy Page Wiring" humbucker pickups for my custom George Rizsanyi LP guitar. Jon took great care to match the specs of Page's setup. The tone out of these pickups are gorgeous. Even with the 21 options with the push pull knobs, and pickups were prep'd and easy to install with well laid out drawings and instructions. The neck pickup is rich and lush with tone, and with a push of a button, flick of a switch the tone is transformed to a vintage strat. These handmade pickups are a perfect match for this one of a kind handmade guitar."

Mitch MacDonald (Canadian School of Lutherie) - CSL-1

Hey Jon, Pickups have been installed and they sound great! I was very happy along the client with the sound and quality Thanks again for everything. Here's a pic of the guitar.

Eric D. Crawford (Tunnel Hill, GA) - True Vintage PAF

Jon, Finally got to use the pickups this morning... What a difference! Truly amazing! Here is my review: "Jon Baxter’s True Vintage PAFs brought a whole new character to my guitar: More focus, punch, and clarity with really cool "vintage vibe." Highly recommended!" Thanks again.

George Rizsanyi (Canadian School of Lutherie) - CSL-1, CSL-2

Everytime I get a Jon Baxter pickup I feel like a kid getting a birthday or christmas present..His pickups are absolutely far he hits the nail right on the head every-time I make a request of him that most would say can't be done..Jon does it and does it magnificently with superb attention to detail....I am amazed by his knowledge and talent and am now a dedicated Jon Baxter user ..nothing else will go in my guitars...Cheers Jon we at the Canadian School of Lutherie are behind you and consider ourselves blessed to have discovered you..get ready for our next order...

Jeff Haynes (Toronto, Ontario) - CSL-2

Jon....Whoa....Oh man this pickup sings!!! The versatility is like nothing I've ever seen from a Bucker. When it's split it truly sounds like a single coil....somewhere between a Strat and Tele Bridge pickup, and in parallel it has a feel... of quack like a Strat in 2 or 4. Overdrive the parallel and it actually hints at P90 territory. When dropping the Tone pot it doesn't get muddy at all, it sounds like a neck pickup. I was expecting versatility with this three way but not anywhere to this level. I am thoroughly blown away at the clarity and warmth of this pickup. Fantastic work Jon!!!

Jack Kadien (Memphis, TN) - True Vintage Firebird

This mini humbucker really improved the bridge pickup on my firebird, I can pull out some crazy Neil Young and Ron Asheton sounds now. Thank you so much Jon, this is my first pickup from you and it certainly won't be the last.

Dean Tompkins (Costa Mesa, CA)(Mammoth Thunderpower, Sungrazerr) - Krazytrain

"Oh man...Thanks for the Krazytrain scorches part is having that low end...absolutely soul-crushing....and no feedback!!!"

Andrew De Almeida ( Mississauga,ON ) ( The Woods Are Burning ) - 60's Jazz Bass, Hot P Bass

I ordered the 60's jazz bass set, and I all can say is tone for days. Installed them into a custom fretless jazz and it made that bass the complete package. Without Mr. Baxter, it would be just another pretty bass. Now its THEE bass.

Ziggy Goldsby (Arkansas) - Krazytrain

"The krazy train pickup by jon baxter was exactaly what i was looking for, very warm yet powerful with a bite! you dont get sound quality from the expensive brand guitars pickups like this!!

Clay Crenshaw (Memphis, TN) - Tele Power Stack

"The Tele Memphis Power Stacks are a work of genius. At 10K in the bridge, you might think this a cheap attempt at humbucking tone in a single. Not even close! The bridge's punch and note separation are far beyond the scope of a humbucker, and the output is the PERFECT balance of "heat" and clarity. Take that, stacked buckers! As for the neck...oh, my. I don't know what Jon is doing with his neck pickups, but he's doing it right. The tone is just unbelievable! Exactly what I've been looking for in a Tele neck pickup without even knowing it. Also, when Jon says "noiseless", he means it. These babies are QUIET. Virtually no hum, even at high gain and volume, and I have yet to be able to MAKE them squeal (quite the accomplishment through a Dual Rectifier at concert volume), try as I might. I also have the full confidence that the "Memphilaq" will hold up in ways that other waxes cannot during our infamously hot and humid Memphis summers. This is a single coil to end all single coils. If your Telecaster is itching for hot output and unrivaled note clarity without the noise, look no further! The Jon Baxter Pickups Tele Memphis Power Stack is IT! Thanks, Jon!!"

Robert Hafley (Birmingham, AL)

Jon, I want to say the pickup sounds awesome! After I installed it in my Strat I realized it would become my "go to" guitar. You took something muddy sounding and almost unusable and turned it into an amazing sounding pickup, warm and crunchy without mushing out. Thanks again!

Stuart Carruthers (Calgary, Alberta) - Hot P Bass, Hot J Bass

I ordered a set of hot wound PJ Pickups and put them in the bass I made, and they sound Amazing! The tone is very smooth no matter how I blend them and I can get a very wide variety of sounds. I can now say that this is by far THE BEST sounding bass I’ve ever owned.....Thanks Jon!

Phillip Ervin (Memphis, TN) - Beale Street Hot Blues, Alabama Slammer

Installed Jon's pickups in a Fender Squire and expected a significant increase in range but I never expected the dynamic burst of tone delivered by these pickups. I enjoy playing on the bridge position again. Looking forward to outfitting serveral of my other guitars with the various pickup stylings that Jon offers and would highly recommend you give 'em a try!

Jeff Moyer (Memphis, TN) - True Vintage PAF, '64 Strat Classic

I have been having a lot of fun playing with the new pickups. I don't get it - pickups are just magnets and wire, right? How can these pickups do so much more, so much better?! With the new pickups plus the tone pots and caps that Adam Lucchesi put in, I've got a LOT of tonal options. Somehow, I can't seem to come up with a bad combination, though - all of the tones just work! I upgraded this toneless 20 year old Squier with two '64 Strat Classics and a Vintage PAF. This guitar can do it all now! The Vintage PAF at the bridge position has all the growl and presence you could ever want, but without any muddiness at all. The '64 Classic single coils just amaze me to no end - bell tones, smooth mids, articulate low end. Complete tonal happiness. This guitar is capable of many different voices now; the best part is that the tone is always on point. Don't know how you do it Jon, but I am now a believer in your talent!

Thanks for the excellent pickups,

Jeff Moyer

Jeff Roberts ( Birmingham, AL )( Wait Five ) - 60's P Bass, custom 4 string bass humbucker

First impression.... These things are perfect. That bridge pickup (Bass humbucker) sounds exctly like I was hearing in my head. You are the best. Thanks- Jeff

David Cowell ( Memphis, TN ) ( Chosen View/Breaking Point and producer at The Noise Factory Studios ) - Test and Custom models

The first thing I noticed about JBP was the fact that they were all traditionally voiced, but with their own special something. More bite and controllable tone than I was used to and that goes a LONG way for me both live and in the studio. Sure you could spend way more for other brands, but why? I love JBP and see myself using them for a very long time.

Mike Long( Birmingham, AL ) (The Steel Rockers) - Custom Tele, Custom Strat

JBP is way to go to get that sound you need. You don't have to be stuck with that "close to what I am looking for in my sound" anymore. Nail it with Jon's expertise in custom pickup building. I needed some specific sounds out of my strat. Jon nailed it. People ask me, "what guitar is that you're playing?" My answer is simply, "JBP". Jon has loaded a strat and tele for me. I have 15 or more guitars, but these two get the stage time!